Bichon Frise Dog Information

Neck, topline, body arched neck long and proudly behind a high head is. Mix easily on the shoulders. The length of the neck of the occipital bone to the cross is about one-third of the distance between the ramp and buttocks. Top-line longer with the exception of an arc of small, muscular loin. Body - the chest is well developed and is wide enough to allow traffic free and without any restrictions of the legs. The deepest point of the breast extends at least to the elbows. The chest is moderately developed and extends to a short, muscular loins. The ramp is well characterized and easily beats before the point of the shoulder. The underline has a moderate belly.  Fur, colour and Entrenandoal bichon frise is a double-layer breed, always white. The Undercoat is soft and dense and the outer layer form a soft but substantial texture of course. The layer is far removed from the body, look like a powder puff. The most popular cut for a Bichon follows the lines of the body of the dog, leave enough shelter to give the appearance of wispy signature. Bichons are known for not to spread, not completely true. All creatures, which is tipped with hair. Double-sided Bichons, but shed hair is caught in the undercoat, rather than on the ground fall. If the dead hair don't comb or brush are removed, you can make mats and tangles, which if not resolved problems of the skin, can. Prepare a Bichon is not for sissies: one is high maintenance costs. They need to devote much time to the WC and bathroom: you must be brushed you at least twice a week or more, and you need to it for bathing, if she are dirty to clean the white blouse. Make sure that the layer is free of mats and tangles before bathing or mats will draw, and are almost impossible to remove. You should check that your Bichon ears often to make sure that they are clean. Sometimes, it is necessary to remove in the outer ear canal hair that grow (a Hairdresser can do if you are not comfortable with the work). If you notice a wax structure, redness or a mistake, or if you scratch a dog ears and shakes her head, take it to the vet, the do not need ear infection. The most Bichon every four to six weeks for bath, brush, hair cut their dogs to a professional hair stylist owner, take to clean nail clipping and ear. If you want to learn how prepare your Bichon, you will discover many preparation good books and videos on the market for instructions. A Bichon face to keep clean and trimmed is important for health though it seems. Flow of mucus from the eyes tend to accumulate in the hair grow to eyes and can cause problems, in the eyes, if not regularly clean the area. Tearstains are often due to eye problems or even allergies. The Bichons are prone to a number of diseases of the eye, it's better than your vet check your dog if Tearstaining becomes a problem. Bichons are susceptible to small or blocked lacrimal ducts, Cilia, which push the eyeball and eyelid, we Volquemos and cause the eye lashes to rub. Your vet will be able to determine is whether these terms and conditions, or something else, Tearstains originally. Brush the teeth of your Bichon for bichon frise dog information at least two or three times a week to the accumulation of these deposits and bacteria that lurk inside to remove. Daily brushing is even better, if you want gum disease and halitosis. Trim nail one or two times per month, if your dog is not wearing the Cape to avoid the painful tears and other problems. If you can listen by clicking on the ground, she are too long. Dog nails have blood vessels in them, and if it is cut too can cause, that bleeding - and your dog may not work together next time you see the upcoming Clippers. Therefore, you are not experienced dog nails cut, ask a veterinarian or hairdresser pointers. Get your Bichon be brushed and to revise, if it is a puppy. Frequently manage their legs - dogs are sensitive to their feet and look in the mouth. Make a toilet full of praise and rewards positive experience, and you can lay the groundwork for simple veterinary examinations and other executives, if you an adult. As your friend, looking for signs of infection: redness, pain or swelling of the skin, in the nose, mouth and eyes and feet, skin, skin rashes or sores. Eyes should be clear, without any redness or discharge. The conservative pro test helps to detect potential health problems,.